Banknote acceptors of International Currency Technologies Corp. (ICT) are entering the Uzbek market.

The Taiwanese company International Currency Technologies Corp. (ICT), one of the largest manufacturers of banknote receivers in the world, has entered into an agreement with VEND MARKET.

VENDMARKET presents to your attention another new product from the ICT company, which has every chance to become the bestseller of the Uzbek banknote market, the ICT L83 with a stacker and L83 without a stacker.

It is clear from the name of the model that the banknote receiver is based on the modern and well-proven ICT L series banknote receiver.

It is easy to use, provides the highest speed of banknote acceptance, but at the same time has a high class of protection against abuse due to the use of the latest technologies.

The front panel of the bill receiver is equipped with a multicolor LED backlight and has an attractive design.